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Happy Ears is one of the most trusted audiology practices in the greater Phoenix area. We are one of the very few offices in the valley that follow Best Practices when it comes to treating hearing loss and balance issues.

We ensure that every patient receives a treatment plan appropriate for their individual hearing needs and follow-up care. Our audiologists use real-ear verification measures as well as patient outcome questionnaires. We test every patients ability to hear not only in a sound proof booth, but also in background noise. Hearing aids are not the only option for happy hearing. Sometimes, hearing aids are not appropriate and patients may require a cochlear implant or surgical device to hear well.

Our Audiologists

Shanna Dewsnup, Au.D., CCC-A

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Matthew Wetmore, Au.D., CCC-A
Director of Audiology

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Kelly Halterman, Au.d., ccc-a
Doctor of Audiology

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Natasha Seaton, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

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Christina Radous, Au.D., CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology

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Chris Bechtel, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

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andrea hawkins, au.d., ccc-a
Doctor of Audiology

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Mira Nathan, B.S.
Audiology Resident

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